Ancient Werewolf Chants. (c) Miroslav Vlcek 2007.

Great powers of darkness hear me well as I am casting a magic spell

up on to this innocent soul.

And when full moon will be on the rise

stupper her senses blind her eyes made her to be my easy prey.


My grat great grandfather did teach me this so ancient Werewolf chant

many many years ago. Back in his small cabbin what was hidden so well

deep with in dark forests of Bavaria.

I was still just a young and naive Werewolf cup in then

on the one side I was already eyeing my kindergarten classmates

but on other I was taking my full joy in ravishing sweet white spotted

fawns and sneeking up on to the mortal danger unsuspecting cuddly

bunnies of the Europian hare.


My great great grandfather did teach me one more such ancient

Werewolf chant.


On the night I was bitten by the Werewolf my guardian angel was at sleep

oh may

my future bloodsweet beauty of darkness.

Your neck dose seems to be to me very appetizing

so I wonder

is your guardian angel standing all alerted

in above you right now ?


Great powers of darkness be on my side.


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